6 Singer


For Mass


If you are interested on embellish your ceremony with a singer, Viol Consort has 2 Sopranos and 1 Tenor at your disposal. 


Depending on the Church and Priest, we could add some portions to the ceremony.


You may click on the following list to listen to some samples.


*this songs could be replaced

Viol Consort is a professional organization and respects all regulations that each church has. It therefore Viol Consort requires approval of the officiant (Father) or church for some portions of the religious ceremony.


Some parts of the liturgy are required by the Father, and is the obligation of the Bride and Groom or Quinceanera to let Viol Consort know how it will be implemented.


If you want the singer to do The Responsorial Psalm and Gospel Acclamation, we need the Psalm you chose and The Verse  for the Gospel Acclamation 15 days before the ceremony.

Ceremony or Reception


On the video above, Ave Maria - Bach-Gounod, Panis Angelicus - C Frank, Laudate Dominum - Mozart

Blanca Olvera

Click below for more samples

Ave Maria - Schubert

Concerto Pour Une Voix - Saint-Preux