Wedding – Cocktail – Dinner – Corporate & Social Event – Graduation…

1.- “Elegance at its best with the highest standards of glamour”

The best balanced group is a string quartet, for more than two centuries the string quartet was created and remains as the standard string ensemble.

Choosing live music for your ceremony entertainment guarantees an elegant start to your big day. (Viol consort can adjust their playing speed or even repeat a section of music to accommodate for a larger bridal party)

Guests will be wowed by this beautiful arrangement, and you’ll have an ultra-romantic and timeless soundtrack for one of the happiest moments of your life. If all of that doesn’t have you convinced, see what other brides have said about Viol Consort. CLICK HERE


Great for outdoor and indoor ceremonies, refined cocktail hours or delicate and exquisite dinners.

You can hire a fine string ensemble for ceremony or by the hour, When you get Viol Consort for 2 or more hours, you can split the time, let’s say your ceremony is at 2:00 pm, and the cocktail hour at 5:00 pm, (we would not charge you the time in between).


  • 1 hour (or Ceremony)
  • 2 hours
  • 2.5 hours
  • 3 hours

This type of ensemble does not require sound system when performing in a church or for events smaller than 120 guests in a carpeted room or outdoors. If sound system is required, Viol Consort provides the service with a professional microphones for string instruments for a small extra fee. (some packages include this service for free) 

2.- “Fresh lively music on a stylish atmosphere”

Viol Consort can take you to another level of entertainment… “Jazz and Pop” upbeat fusion. This new concept melts classical string quartet with all the power and animation of modern music.

The Orquedee








The Orquedee

For alive cocktail hours, receptions, corporate events and parties.

Having  Viol Consort “Jazz and Pop” at your event, you will have an original and flashy atmosphere whether indoors or outdoors. We suggest to have a professional sound system for outdoors events or more than 120 guests indoors. Viol Consort provides this service for a small fee.

With this concept we can add an electronic rhythm base to pump it up, but not only that, if you get VC “Jazz & Pop” with the Full entertainment package,  the setup goes to another level having lighting and professional sound system to enhance the presentation of the ensemble.

If you don’t want to miss the lyrics. You can add our delightful singer for those Oldies/Jazzy themes to bring up unforgettable memories.

Want to intersperse classical with modern hits? Yes we can do it!


  • By hour
  • Combined with “Full Entertainment Package”
  • Add a Singer

Weddings: You may combine Classical ensembles for Ceremony and “Jazz & Pop” for Reception.

Rancho guadalupe At Last

3.- “Viol Consort most dazzling show concept”

If you really want to rock your party or event, this is the best option, in combination with our disk jokey we will astonish your guests. 

With the Full entertainment package, Viol Consort offers you the best hits of Rock, Classic Rock, Pop, and the best current hits with electric instruments. A unique combination of modern sounds and appearance with lights on our formidable stage setting.

Rancho Guadalupe Sweet

Brilliant – Sensational – Stunning

This service goes along with the DJ (Full Entertainment Package) due to setup.


  • 1.5 hrs. VC “Electrified” +  DJ
  • 2 hrs. VC “Electrified” +  DJ
  • 2.5 hrs. VC “Electrified” +  DJ

Weddings: You may combine Classical ensembles for Ceremony and “Electrified” for Reception.