1 Choosing your songs

Choosing the Music for your Ceremony

Lets define the characteristic style of your wedding first!!!  Is that:  Elegant, Classic, Romantic, Modern?

Your ceremony will be in a Church or Outdoors?

If it’s in a church, I must say that every church has its own protocols and in case you’re thinking about choosing modern music, we must consult and give importance to the priest opinion. For Outdoors, you may choose almost anything you want.

Another option for the case of a very traditional church, is to opt for a classical ceremony and give the freshness of the modern touch during the cocktail hour or the reception.

Now….don’t be scared!!! There are some melodies that when they are performed by one of our string ensembles sound so discreet, that happen unnoticed even for the most demanding of the priests, “that’s the magic of the Viol Consort elegance”.

How many songs can you choose for your ceremony? Well, that may vary depending on the priest, religion or church protocols, but may be between  7 and 12 songs.

At which moments during the ceremony is the string ensemble performing?

PRELUDE Sets the atmosphere for the ceremony and begins approximately 15-20 minutes before the ceremony starts to delight your guests while they are arriving, so you can choose 4 or 5 songs for this part of the ceremony!

You want and advice?

Don’t choose your favorite melodies for this time because you are really not going to listen it!! It must be a set of pieces that fit with what you are choosing to listen during the ceremony.

PARTY PROCESSIONAL Here is a GOOD one, everybody is ready to receive the court of honor, this song needs to match what is coming after, we play 80% volume saving the 100% for the bride walking down the isle, since the ceremony has not started yet, you can choose almost anything.

BRIDAL ENTRANCE  This melody should be  joyful and triumphant, it’s the most important song from the whole ceremony  because announces the arrival of the Bride!!!

The traditional song that will never go out of style is the well known WEDDING MARCH a strong melody perfect to call guests attention and inform them to stand!

Now if you want to go for a cooler entrance we have a extensive list of the brides favorite entrance songs which includes: A Thousand Years (Christina Perry) Here comes the sun (Beatles), All of Me (John Legend) to mention some.

 VOWS, RINGS, LAZO, BIBLE, ETC... It is nice to have some background music played during this moment, listening to your favorite song as you are exchanging rings and vows can return the most memorable time of your lives, adds a romantic touch and  keep your guests entertained. (Must Catholic Churches do NOT allow us to play this portion, if you want us to play here, you need to get permission from the father who is marring you.) but outdoors

Modern example: Marry Me (Coldplay), Make you feel my love (Adele)

Romantic: So this is love (Cinderella)

Classic:Cannon in D

SING OF PEACE a very very short piece, no more than 20 seconds, and it should be liturgical.

OFFERTORY  The offertory is the first part of the Liturgy of the Eucharist. The altar is first prepared by placing on it the, missal and chalice. It is considered praiseworthy for the bread and wine accompanied of an offertory chant. Here we must play a religious song.

COMMUNION This is the part of the Eucharistic rite in which the consecrated bread and wine are distributed to participants in the Catholic mass, Here you may choos a calm and meditative song, as long as is Religious.

BOUQUET DELIVERY In a Church Ceremony, here you go to the Virgin Mary to offer flowers in sign of gratitude, usually we play Ave Maria.

RECESSIONAL The song begins immediately after the officiant  introduces the new couple to the guests as husband and wife, on this part we can play again the tradicional WEDDING MARCH or even if that was a very classic ceremony you can choose the craziest song you prefer because guess what?? The Ceremony ended and the Party begins!!

Try to choose another strong and cheerful melody just like the entrance!!!

Elegant: Por ti Volare

Modern: Viva la Vida (Coldplay) All you need is love (Beatles) Marry You (Bruno Mars)

Romantic: PM's Love Theme (from Love Actually)

Ceremony Portions

  • PRELUDE……while your guests are arriving
  • PARTY PROCESSIONAL….parent’s, bridemaids and family processional
  • *For Christian ceremonies we can also add a special music and play your favorite hymn  or worship song.